A bit of stitching!

Busy stitching this tablecloth. Its very old with the pic already printed on fabric!

This is a quilt top for Matthew, fabrics chosen by him. Now to get it quilted.

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Just having fun!

Was asked to make 4 inch embroidered blocks these roses are completed. Its great to be doing embroidery again!

Cant make a fairy house outside so in we go and this is how far l am now.

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Bedding complete

Finished this today and now need to put my ideas to work on some new wall decor!

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Sophie Throw

At last after starting this throw, designed by Dierdre Uys in 2015, l finally finished it today! I learned a lot of new techniques with the basic stitches! Also having to change the pattern for me use. I am a lefty!

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New project!

I have decided to add more crocheted flowers to my sewing room. This is the first basket!

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Wow time flies by!

I have to say that time just went by and l have not kept my favorite blog updated.

Life has changed a lot since then! A very quick decision was made and house in Clanwilliam was sold within 3 days. We now live in Port Alfred to be nearer to our daughter and her family!

We have renovated the house we bought and as of last week am now enjoying our retirement once again!

a hornbill visiting daily.

we have a great view a park with coral trees.

fencing up front.

fencing at the back done!

from this to this

kitchen changed!

Neil and oupa having lunch!

Also now getting more time to enjoy my hand crafts again!

I have finished another 2 quilts for the new place.

And last but very precious

enjoyed a walk on the beach with Neil and the dogs!

Have a great day!

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daily life!

Updates again. Family photo of daughter’s cute family! Coco hoping hubby will share the cupcake. Lucky and Coco going for a Sunday drive, their first outing to a coffee shop. Well Coco was really cute watching people around us and of course Lucky wants to play. They were very well behaved for the first time!  I have been crafting away and decided all my scissors needed a bit more weight. I seem to loose them often these days hehe, so added some cute extensions!

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