A finish!!!

Some time ago I have finished this, sorry I have not posted it completed!!!! 61593806_10157599162060934_8692718884584685568_n

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Another finish!!!!

69705419_10157880477980934_1005800840151171072_nI finished this lovely toilet seat for my guest bathroom. Had some metallic threads lying around for ages and needed to get them out of the way. Hated stitching with metallic threads. Just followed what the seahorse wanted and it came out so mice.

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Something I have been wanting for a long time!!!

I have been wanting to have a nice lunch on the beach for many years and never had the time to do it. Well yesterday we decided to have a lovely fresh fried fish and chips finger lunch on the pier on the West Beach. It was great with the waves breaking around us. We then went to Guido’s to a coke float, which I have not had for a very long time. It was such great fun. Here you get the view of the Kowie River mouth.¬†68982809_10157847069265934_5913691094918365184_n

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World Embroidery Day!

FB_IMG_1564542413730 Just had to do some embroidery yesterday. Used House of Embroidery threads and beads. My own design!

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A new quilt for Neil!

67073727_10157756462715934_7994912558706327552_n Continue reading

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Just having fun! Embroidery and more.

I love free style embroidery! Its all fun, no stress worrying about perfect stitches or whether l have chosen the perfect thread. Its all about expressing what you have in mind or is it the picture talking to you? Oh well whatever but the hand work to me is the fun part. Here is what l am working on and can only bead it over weekends when busy inquisitive Neil the grandson is not around, hehe!

Day 1

Day 2

Wow the beading takes a lot of time!

Have also been stitching a Mandala from a book by Di van Niekerk and Hazel Blomkamps new Mandala patterns.

And last our ‘stoep’ is done, here is a picture of the house the day we moved in and now it looks more like home to me! Now just need to add plants! Also needed this because of the wind, it blows mostly from the back of the house and now we can enjoy (wind free) a great view of the park across the road. Don’t have much traffic here! Thank goodness!

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A bit of stitching!

Busy stitching this tablecloth. Its very old with the pic already printed on fabric!

This is a quilt top for Matthew, fabrics chosen by him. Now to get it quilted.

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